International Safes handles the manufacture, refurbishment and sale of safes to the South African marketplace from within its customised production facility based in Robertsham, Johannesburg.
The company’s Electronic Access Control (ELAC) division is 100% owned by International Safes and is responsible for the development and roll-out of electronic access control systems within the retail and banking industries.  
International Safes is a specialist safety, physical security and access control products and solutions provider to the South African market.
The company has been active within the security industry for an impressive 47 years and boasts an enviable track record of pioneering involvement within its area of core competency over this period.  
The company achieves its competitive advantage through:
  1. Unparalleled technology knowledge.
  2. Unquestionable new product development     knowledge within our industry.
  3. A service orientation based on a production     facility small enough to respond to client     requirements with speed and agility.
  4. Fast turnaround.
  5. An owner run and managed organisation with     the ability to make quick decisions and     resultant quick implementation.
  6. 47 year track record within the industry.
  7. Focussed industry proposition to the banking     industry, retailers and architects alike.
  8. The company is 100% Black Empowered.
“International Safes is committed to the delivery of products and systems which provide safety and security for the assets, valuables and the people of South Africa.”
Our range of safe products includes:
  1. Rifle and Gun Safes
  2. Strongroom Doors
  3. Bullet Resistant Doors
  4. Gun Compartment Safes
  5. Custom Built Safes and Strongroom Doors
  6. Tool Safes
  7. Reconditioned Safes
  8. Wall Safes
Our range of products & systems includes:
  1. CCTV Systems
  2. Turnkey Access Control Systems
  3. Access Aluminium Doors and Booths
  4. Interlocking Systems
  5. Time Delay Panic Exit Devices